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Spellbrook Primary School

'...many of the children have developed a passion for reading since Jack's last visit'

Great St. Mary’s Church - Spellbrook Primary School

On Wednesday 3 October, Emerald and Diamond classes at Spellbrook Primary School were lucky enough to have a visit from the noted children’s author Jack Trelawny. He came to inspire the children about his Kernowland stories and share his ideas about how he started writing about the characters and settings. Jack has aimed his books primarily at boys, to encourage them to want to read ‘proper books’ (although he has made sure girls enjoy them as well). The staff at Spellbrook have been impressed by how many of the children have developed a passion for reading since Jack’s last visit 2 years ago and hope as a result of his visit today the love of reading will continue throughout the school long into the future. Deputy Headteacher Mrs Gill Vise explained the visit as being part of the church school’s mission to enrich and extend the curriculum. Certainly the benefits can be seen in the writing the children are currently producing.