Jack Trelawny's Story House

Campion Books will soon be publishing more of Jack’s titles.

The first will be 'The Emperor's Rhinoceros', a story inspired by Durer's Rhinoceros, Object 75 in A History of the World in 100 Objects, as featured on BBC Radio 4.

These titles will each form part of the 'Story House' collection of books, which link stories to learning. Having visited over 600 schools around the UK, and talked extensively to teachers, Jack has created the Story House as part of his 'Edutainment' offering, a mix of Education with Entertainment.

The Story House system aims to encourage cross-curricular linking and creative thinking within the widest possible context.

On this and other websites, there will be Story House resources for teachers, parents, and pupils, to accompany each new title, including links to lesson plans and worksheets. Also see www.jacktrelawny.com

Jack will be visiting schools introducing children to his stories and the Story House.
Jack Trelawny,
6 Dec 2010, 00:20