Making the most of a school visit

For an example of how one school made the most of a Jack Trelawny author visit, click on the links below:
Making the most of the free author visit - Before

Since it's quite a rare event, many schools decide to make the most they can of the author visit event by organising both pre- and post-visit projects based on themes from the Kernowland in Erthwurld books. Some ideas we’ve collected from previous school visits are below. Click here to view/print/download the information, with colour images, in pdf format.


Pre-visit project - 'Jungles', 'Deserts', 'Invasions', 'Continents', 'Empires', 'Climates', 'Slavery', 'Mutants', 'Pirates'

For example, the theme, 'Jungleland', from the books could involve a whole-school, pre-visit project to include drawing pictures, finding things out about jungles, making cut-outs of jungle plants and animals to hang up in class, etc. If you've done ‘Jungles’ recently, other project themes from the books could be ‘Deserts’, ‘Invasions’ ‘Continents’, ‘Empires’, 'Climates', 'Slavery', 'Mutants', or 'Pirates'. (Of course, these projects can also be done post-visit ... see below...).


Download the first two chapters of Book 1

If they haven't already got the books in school, some teachers like to download the first two chapters of the first book, The Crystal Pool, and read them in assembly or class. This tends to start the children off on the stories and many have read the first one or two books before Jack arrives. To download and/or print a pdf of the first two chapters, click here.

Alternatively, if the children have access to computers, they could read a free ebook of the first two chapters, with pictures, online... click here.


Dressing up for the author visit - 'We're all pirates today!'

Kids love dressing up and some schools allow the children to come to school on the day of the visit dressed up according to a theme from the books or as one of the characters. This tends to create a level of excitement and anticipation around the author visit and so stimulate the children's interest. As a suggestion, 'pirates' feature quite heavily in the Kernowland in Erthwurld adventures, and this is a relatively simple dressing up theme - eye-patch, scarf, plastic hook etc. Plenty of ideas on the web, e.g.


Making the most of the free author visit - After

Jack tells the children the more he finds out about the real world, the more ideas he has for his stories. This can be used in reverse for school work. The stories can be used as a stimulus for the children's interest in finding out about the real world, and teachers have told us one way of doing this is the pre- and post-visit projects based on the Kernowland in Erthwurld themes. From school feedback - and the hundreds of pictures we've received! - we know that a favourite post-event project is 'mutants'.


Post-visit project - 'Mutants'

In Erthwurld the 'mutationeers' have been making mutants by mixing up the animals, birds, fish, insects, and plants for a thousand years. As you can imagine, they've made some pretty weird and wonderful mutants! Once the children have seen pictures of Jack's imaginary mutants during the Edutainment show, they love to draw, name, and describe their own strange, mixed-up creatures after the author has gone.

To view/print/download a pdf, with colour images, about making the most of a Jack Trelawny school visit, click here.