Free School Visits

Jack Trelawny Edutainment Shows - FREE School Visits

The Edutainment Show - a mix of education and entertainment - is usually for the whole school (Yr 2 - Yr 6) in the hall, and it lasts about 40 minutes, after which there is a book signing event.

These visits are FREE to the school. How can they be offered free?

We pay for the costs - travelling, hotel accommodation, administration, and other expenses - through book sales at the events.

Since, when you consider all the expenses, an author visit can cost £650 or more to provide, most schools can't afford it or can't justify it within the budget.

So we put our thinking caps on and came up with our offer.

It's intended to be mutually beneficial: the school gets a free author visit, the children get an educational and entertaining show, the family gets signed books dedicated to the children, and the free offer to schools can be continued because books are sold to make the free visits viable on an on-going basis. All we ask is that the school sends home our standard letter to parents giving them the opportunity to purchase signed, dedicated books. We provide the template letter in the Confirmation Pack sent to school once an event is booked. It simply needs to be photocopied and taken home by each child attending the event.

To view/print/download a pdf of the Confirmation Pack, visit the Resources page where you will find the file in the Free Author Visits folder.

Contact Jane Bennett at Campion Books to arrange a FREE school visit...